An Ode to winter

Posted by on 16/11/2010

Kiss me to the sound of soft fat snowflakes slowly drifting to the ground…
Love me to the quiet white hiss- Winter still reminds me of this.

Hold me to your warmth to spite the winter chill,
Comfort and console until we get our fill.

Share a warm glass of red wine by a crackling glowing fire,
Let me know how to please you, I want to be what you desire.

Blankets, pillows, sweaters, scarves and gloves-
Don’t fear the winter- it’s filled with so many things to love!

The ice cold sharpness of air in my lungs…
Shows me that I live, I feel, I breathe, I hear, I know!

Without these freezing days to bring us together,
we might keep ourselves apart for ever and ever…

So rejoice, my friends! don’t fear Jack Frost..
For once you hate the winter, you have already lost.

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