Posted by on 16/05/2011

I smell it in the air.

Faint tones of moisture with a slight, sweet bitterness.

Water, spring, the river a block away- notes of trees budding giving off sweet sap.

I even smell a bit of goose shit in there, and the sharpness of a nitrogen fertilizer.

This brings me back to times long passed- I smell memories, tasting my life in the air. Eyes closed I transport myself to places I have been.

This exact moment… This smell, took me to Regina, in the 80’s, with my family.

I breath in, and all I smell is the park around the museum of natural history.

My brain flashes and I know what it’s like to be in there.

I remember the smell of the building after it was gutted by a fire.

Suddenly we’re shooting gophers near the creek and learning to ride my bike by the old church.These memories… are experienced simultaniously.

I love these smells – the ones that bring me to happy places.

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