Chicken soup with roast vegetables

Posted by on 26/03/2012

Hello Everybody!

So we have all these lovely roast vegetables left over from having a chicken, either still in the fridge or frozen if you didn’t have time to get to it right away. I did this soup the day after the roast, but the magic of the internet means you get this later.

mmm. Soup. I love soup. It’s actually pretty damned easy! First, we’ll start with a stock.

Step 1: chop a bunch of vegetables and sweat them in olive oil. You can use whatever you have in the fridge. It should contain at LEAST a mirepoix( 50%onion/25%celery 25% carrot) but you can omit the carrot if you want a clearer broth like with a fish soup. I peel the carrot, but the leaves can stay on the celery. I also add garlic, and had some radishes left over to throw in.

Get out the leftover roast and veg. Separate the meat from the bones. Put the bones in the pot with some of the roasted vegetables, and most of the liquid that remains at the bottom. Any skin, cartlidge etc goes in the pot now too. Any pure meat remains with the veg to be put in later.

Above you’ll see the roast and veg I had left after my last dish, and below you’ll see what it looks like after I got the chicken broken up into bits in the pot. It’s important to break it into small pieces, so that you don’t end up with too much water or too long a cooking time

then add enough cold water to cover the bones and vegetables, and put it on the heat:

You want it to come up to a simmer, but do NOT let it boil. Once it’s simmered for a while you’ll end up with foam on the top. This is called the “raft” and it is made up of bits of protein and other stuff that makes your soup cloudy if you leave it in.

Here you can see my raft:

once the raft forms, skim it off with a ladle :

After this point you stir in your spices. (usually thyme, bayleaf, parsley, celery, peppercorn). It takes about an hour at just under a simmer to get a good stock from chicken bones. Fish bones take about 30 minutes, Beef bones take much longer. If you roast any type of bone it will be faster than if they are not roasted, but the soup will be golden or brown as a result of the carmelization. (dur)

I let the stock simmer in one of my soup pots, while I started up the base of the soup itself in the other. I love my two soup pots. One of them has a colander that fits into the top, i’m sure it’s for steaming food but it’s EXCELLENT for strainging a stock!

now, on to the soup!

Heat up pot, add olive oil, put in onion carrot garlic, sweat:

Cook until they go golden. Use a bit of stock to deglaze. Here you can see them nicely caramalizing :

Because I wanted a borscht type soup (~cough~beets were on sale ~cough~) I had five beets. Peeled, chopped. Once my vegetables were caramelized I added in the beets and let them sweat out too. At this point, I put in two tablespoons of vinegar. Beets REALLY love vinegar, it helps bring out the flavours, soften them, and brightens up the colours.

I continued to saute these until everything got all…. happy and then added the rest of the roasted vegetables and chicken meat:

Then it was time to strain the stock through the colander into my soup pot with the beets and veg:

I let this cook for about another hour, tasting and spicing as necessary.

At this point, all the vegetables were tender and it could have been served:

I know that I didn’t have enough leftover chicken in there to satisfy my customers ( IE the two hungry guys I live with). So, I whipped up some beef meat balls. Simple really, gluten free bread crumbs, oats, egg yolk, spices, meat. Mix. Add more liquid or filler if it won’t roll together into balls.

With soup at a simmer, I rolled the balls and dropped them straight in. They cook really quickly.

here is the soup once the meatballs were cooked:

Having finished all this I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed myself a nice bowl of soup. Tons of leftovers in my fridge, but i’ll pack them up tomorrow. For now, I’m going to have a bit of my grain-free Gin and a good nights sleep.

see? Even the soup was happy.


2 Responses to Chicken soup with roast vegetables

  1. DebTheLocavore

    I’m making stock today from my leftover roast chicken bones and enjoying soup for dinner.
    Love that you added meatballs to the soup to give it more oomph! 😉

    • Sean Emerson

      Thank you! Even though I did not grow up with them, meatballs have become a really cheap-quick go to for me as I try to run away from processed foods in a wheat-free way 🙂

      My mother’s chicken soups were always much thicker than mine, and had dumplings. Personally I prefer a lighter broth, and would stick with a spaetzle instead of a thicker pot dumpling if I was going to use a wheat-product to expand my soup.

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