Chipotle Cream Mussels

Posted by on 16/04/2012

This week I decided to do something different. When I was at my mom’s house, she was preparing a mussel dish that I’ve had before and really love – and I wanted to share this experience with you.

Here is a photo journey through my mom’s creation of our supper:

This recipe is from a cookbook my Mother picked up at Santiago’s in Victoria, BC. She has had nothing but good things to say about her experience at the restaurent; and we have had much success with the cookbook that they sell. If you are in the area, I would recommend popping by.

Chipotle Cream Mussels

Saute Onion,Sundried Tomato,some Chipotle Peppers (not the liquid yet), and Garlic.

Deglaze with vinegar, add the liquid from the chipotle and reduce it a bit.

Add cream to the mixture.

Reduce until thick. You’ll know it’s ready when you can make a trench with a spatula and it doesn’t flow in right away.

Add a healthy dose of white wine,

Now the mussels go in,

Cover the mussels.

Mussels will open up when they are cooked. If they do not open, they have gone bad and you do NOT want to eat them.

All our mussels opened up for us!

We shared the wine that was left over.

It was really good served on rice, with a gluten free bread we picked up. Udi’s is my favourite brand, they’ve managed to make a line of exceptional gluten free breads, and other products.

Thank you Santiago’s for a great recipe, and the good time that I had with my Mother creating delicious food and a time well spent.

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