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I came to realize something: In all my culinary adventures, I’d missed trying fondue. Not sure how this happened, it’s just something my friends and I never got around to doing. This had to be rectified, as my current roommates LOVE fondue!

I recommend getting an electric fondue pot for this. It’s significantly easier than dealing with one that uses Sterno (those buffet fire gels) or a double boiler – but it is possible to have fondue without. We run an extension cord to the table so that we can all sit around the fondue pot, and have a blast chatting while dipping various breads and vegetables in the molten cheese. (yum!)

Grate cheese. We use a mixture of Gruyere, Emmenthal, old white cheddar, and a single laughing cow cream cheese. The laughing cow for some reason just makes everything smooth and delicious- even if it’s in the minority.

here’s the cheeses we used:

and after grated them:

Once you have your cheese done, it’s time to make up some things to dip into it after you have it melted. We used gluten free bread, broccoli, Apple slices, pepperoni, and some boiled baby potatoes (salted). It doesn’t take long to prep these, but you do need to make sure they are large enough to stay on your forks; while being able to fit in your mouth in one bite. I keep cutting my bread too small when I do this, but it’s a work in progress.

if you toss the apple slices with a small amount of lemon or lime juice, they will keep from browning:

our bread and broccoli:

The prep is what takes the longest here. It’s best to do it all up in advance, keeping the dippable items in the fridge until you are ready for them.

now, on to the main event : the cheese fondue. This time we did it a little differently, adding some flavours in to the cheese itself. I was a fan of this particular fondue – however some people did not enjoy the tomato.

Melt butter in the fondue pot, add in shallots and garlic. Saute. Once they had started to sweat, we added some chopped tomato and let it simmer until they had softened up.

At this point comes a bit of a “secret” ingredient. A lot of people add white wine to a fondue, but we go one step further- and add kirsch too! the combination of white wine and kirsch gives the fondue a really good feel and it just seems to work better for us.

This is allowed to simmer and come up to heat again before we proceed. While this happening, we add a bit of cornstarch in with the cheese as it helps everything remain thick. Add the cheese in slowly bit by bit, allowing small batches to melt before you add more. This helps the consistency of the cheese remain smooth – trust me, it’s kinda gross if you get a real gritty fondue.

delicious melty cheese!

Once it has all been added and melted down we finished it with a few chopped tomatoes for colour.

The fondue pot was placed in the middle of the dining room table, friends gathered around, we had wine, cider, long pokey forks, and a hell of a good time dipping our food in cheese and eating it. Seriously. How the hell can anyone be sad when there is copious amounts of cheese to be had? *apologies to the lactose intolerent, please understand, seriously I love cheese*

Thanks for joining me everybody!


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