Temporary break for treatment

Posted by on 25/11/2012

Hello all!

As you know I’ve been going through some things related to thyroid cancer. I’ve been working hard to ensure I have a post up every Monday, normally food related.

For the last 5-6 weeks I’ve been on a low iodine diet preparing for treatment. Monday, I will be going in to receive my radio iodine treatment. For the next week I will be in isolation as I will be radioactive.

It pains me to say so but this week and next, there will likely be no new recipe on draxa.CX.   once treatment is completed I will be back on my regular gluten free diet and I will continue with recipes and updates.

Hopefully you understand as things have been far too stressful this week for me to get a recipe completed. I will see you all in two weeks!


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  1. supersu

    thanks for the post(s) – i have only recently discovered your blog, & have enjoyed them all immensely – and i dont even eat gluten free!

    good luck with the iodine – i hear it tastes like almonds!

    see you when you are back

    su 🙂

    • Sean Emerson

      Thank you Su!
      My friends don’t eat gluten free and they keep letting me cook for them, so I hope I’m doing it right 😉

      Glad you have enjoyed the blogs! I love making them 🙂

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