Merry Christmas! (Maki redux)

Posted by on 25/12/2012

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I’ve been busy with family over the holiday so my post was delayed. Today we did breakfast, presents, and a fancy lunch at my mothers house, so I have time to write out a blog.

Christmas was good,  I got an art book and some Silpats; as well as a good french style rolling pin. I’m excited try out a few new things with it! Obviously, I’m going to share the results as I go along.

Our holiday dinner was a buffet, easier to put on in our house as I am celiac with vegetarian siblings. My item was a platter of home made maki rolls. I know I’ve done them on here before; however the post didn’t have step by step detail, and only shots of the finished product.


Filling Prep: cut vegetables into thin sticks. Prep your other ingredients in advance too. I fried up mushrooms with onions as a filler. You can use fish, or other meats too; I like to leave the raw fillings to the professionals however.

Rice prep: Use sushi rice, it will be labeled as such. Rinse in cold water until it runs clear. Cook in a rice maker at a 1:1.5 ratio of rice:water. Cover with a damp cloth to cool for 10 minutes once finished. Sprinkle on a mixture of 4tbsp rice wine vinegar, 2tbsp sugar, 1/4 tsp salt. Mix thoroughly and let sit covered to quickly cool. (quite easy whenough it’s this cold out! I just put mine outside.)

Making the rolls:


Cover sushi mat in plastic wrap. It’ll keep it clean and be used to wrap up the rolls later.


Put a nori wrap on the mat. Cover the bottom 2/3 in rice, lining up the fillings along the bottom.


Use the mat to roll up from the bottom, tucking the vegetables in tightly. Make sure you peel back the plastic wrap as you go, it likes try and tuck itself into the roll. Use the bamboo to your advantage, it’s the trick to a nice tight roll. Use water to seal the seaweed.


Tadaa! A maki roll! Wrap it up in your plastic film and refrigerate for 30minutes to set- makes it way easier to cut.


Slice them up, remove the plastic, display, serve with wasabi and garnish the plate using pickled ginger.

You can fill these with a wide variety of ingredients; much like a mini sandwich!

I’m going back to my Christmas now, hope you enjoyed the update!


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