Bonus Dessert Post: Grilled Banana

Posted by on 26/03/2013

Ok, so I admit it. I haven’t done as many posts this year as I should.  I’d try to apologize, but I have a better way: have some gluten free grilled bananas for your dessert!


Fire up your grill. I’m sorry yours isn’t charcoal, I can’t fix your failings.


Slice two bananas. Sprinkle with more sugar than your mother wants you to add (sorry dentists!). This isn’t time to get health concious, just do it!   Mix cinnamon in with the sugar.


WOA! Look at that! We’re going crazy and putting our bananas on the grill!  They don’t take long, especially if you make sure your grill is searing hot. I lower my grills close to the charcoal, you can simply turn the grill on high.


Taadaaa!   An excellent, quick banana dessert. Its GREAT on icecream, and you can even make it with a blow torch.

There we go! Hope you enjoyed the treat 😉  the flavours are sorta like bananas foster but that will be another blog.

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