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Tomato-beef soup

This weekend was a fun one. I started some pickles fermenting, bottled my blueberry raspberry wine, roasted a delicious chicken, watched a sky crane drop a mini Cooper sized rover on Mars and all around had a great time. For this weeks recipe we have another of Ryan’s creations. Just because I cook most of … Continue reading »

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French Onion Soup

Not many pictures for you guys this week, It’s been a fairly stressful one so give me a break 😉 This week we made French Onion Soup – I’ll gladly take credit for it but have to be honest, Ryan was the one that cooked this one. Hey, I gotta let other people into the … Continue reading »

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Kimchi Soup!

Hello everybody! Now that you’ve had a chance to make my Home made kimchi , here’s a recipe you can use it in! The kimchi that I used in this recipe was a Chipotle version. It was easy to make and change the flavours up, I used Napa Cabbage, dried chipotle powder, onion and garlic … Continue reading »

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Chicken soup with roast vegetables

Hello Everybody! So we have all these lovely roast vegetables left over from having a chicken, either still in the fridge or frozen if you didn’t have time to get to it right away. I did this soup the day after the roast, but the magic of the internet means you get this later. mmm. … Continue reading »

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Roast chicken with Autumn vegetables

Not really autumn anymore, but the local Co-op still had a bunch of seasonal vegetables left- and they looked tasty so I couldn’t pass on the chance. Here are my vegetables: Celery, Carrot, Yam/sweet potato, Rutabaga, Potato, butternut squash, garlic, onion, mushrooms Step 1: Chop all the easy vegetables and throw them in the roasting … Continue reading »

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