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This is me

This is me! Well, it’s me after hours of makeup and hair work – the shot is from a modelling shoot I did with the “house of clockwork artisans” in Edmonton. I also did a fashion show for them. Was an interesting experience, and I highly recommend getting some photos done if people have any … Continue reading »

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New paintings!

This week was pretty stressful, dealt with hives and itchy everywhere ( YUCK) Dog wasn’t allowed to scratch even, and as we know that prospect is terrible for any canine. On the plus side, I did get a lot of thinking done, and managed to do 3 paintings this weekend! Action:   Drop:   and … Continue reading »

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Time for an update! below you’ll find a copy of one of my favourite paintings so far, of a tibetan mandala : It’s been a week from hell for me, found a new allergy so I’ve been covered in hives 🙁 HOpefully will get better soon though.

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I’ve decided to start sharing some paintings and photo’s of mine in addition to updating more often. Below, you can find my painting entitled “space” done with acrylic on canvas a few years ago. Enjoy!

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