This is me

Posted by on 22/12/2011

This is me! Well, it’s me after hours of makeup and hair work – the shot is from a modelling shoot I did with the “house of clockwork artisans” in Edmonton. I also did a fashion show for them. Was an interesting experience, and I highly recommend getting some photos done if people have any body image issues or anything like that. Never thought I was sexy until I saw how the photo’s came out!

I’m on vacation now. It’s been fun- but kinda frustrating since I’m mostly broke. I get a raise in the new year that should make things easier, but I wish I could actually DO something with my time off other than sit on my ass around the house. Next year I get 20 vacation days – so can basically take an entire month off. I hope I’m in a position where I can actually go out and discover the world. There’s at least one trip I have to save for – heading to mexico in november for my step-sisters wedding. Other then that? I want to check out Vegas, Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto again ( I missed a lot being only 18 last time), and atlantic canada. I’ve never been further east than ontario, despite having a lot of friends and history from out there.

hmm… something to aim for. I also want to start taking correspondance courses in the evening- maybe something in physics or chemistry. Never know till I try!

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