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Posted by on 27/02/2012

Hello Everybody!

Lets talk about the pork roast I did – because frankly, I like to talk about food! Nothing complicated this week- I spent my time breaking down a hunk of meat instead of doing a more elaborate dish.

Just a quick roast I threw together the other night after breaking down the large roast we had found on sale. It yielded two roasts, and three pork steaks – and at $15 was a steal. I really need to find more locations where I can buy these direct from producers, or a butcher friend thats in my neighborhood instead of on the other side of the city ( maybe I can start bribing him for more than just sausage… hmmm…. or get a ride over there to pick stuff up!)

Ingredients from last nights roast:

Pork roast
olive oil
Italian seasoning
Sambal Oelek
Spice weasel (duh duh duhhhhhhhh….. you’ve made your own custom spice grinder already… right?)
“golden bless” extra virgin olive oil ( a gift direct from italy – has a very strong robust flavour, I use it for only special dishes and NOT for people that do not appreciate quality products!)

the process

1.Chop vegetables into chunks. Toss with regular olive oil, spices, aromatics. Put in bottom of roasting pan
2.Mix mustard, sambal, thyme and garlic
3. rub mixture vigorously into the pork roast
4. put roast on top of vegetables

5. cover, roast at 400f for about 30min/pound + 1 extra 30min or until juices run clear. Please be aware this is pork, so needs to be thoroughly cooked. If you have a meat thermometer, use it to verify it is before serving.
6. uncover for the last 20 minutes with the fat cap facing up to crisp up.
7. eat and be delicious!

We served ours with a salad- I’m sure you know how to make a basic one! we had iceberg lettuce, carrots, radishes, onion, and cheddar cheese on hand… plus a delicious Gluten free ranch dressing that we combined with spices and chilli to give it a real zing. You don’t need to think complex when it comes to a side dish – typically when I make a roast the vegetables are more than enough ( as it was this time) but grown men like to have more things on the plate- so having a salad gave them that feeling of fullness they were after without having to overload a plate with Meat and starch. If I need a quick side dish- it’s normally going to end up being a rice Pilaf since it’s such a large staple of my diet, and I can make one in my rice cooker without even thinking. That… is a story for another blog however.

Here’s to hoping you learned something, or discovered a flavour combination you didn’t think of before!

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