no bones chicken with sausage stuffing

Posted by on 01/02/2012

Hello Everybody!

ooooh man are you guys in for a treat, I went all out!

My friend who works at a butcher shop brought me some sausages again, and I had a chicken in the freezer left from my last roast. This is a dangerous combination! I decided I was going to try some of my butchers skills again – havn`t done this since cooking school. So, here goes.

Chicken, deboned
sausage, 2, pork & chilli flavour
Crushed chillies
spice weasel ( my mix in the grinder)
a handful of mushrooms (diced)
2 onions – 1.5 cut dice , .5 brunoise ( small enough to dissapear)
butchers string
poultry seasoning
cayenne pepper
gluten free bread cut in cubes (half loaf)
olive oil

If you do not know how to debone a chicken, ask a butcher to help you. This leaves me with the chicken legs, wings, thighs, bones etc all in my freezer for later dishes- and fills up my scraps bag!

Sweat the garlic, fine chopped onion and mushrooms in olive oil and butter, add in your bread crumbs and toss until they are saturated. Add some poultry seasoning, salt, spice weasel ( ok ok you can call it pepper) and chilli peppers to taste. Once your bread is thoroughly oiled and had a chance to absorb the spices I put it to the side in a mixing bowl.

Split open the sausage casing and remove the insides. Separate it if it’s clumping and mix thoroughly into the stuffing. Keep the empty sausage casing for your scraps bag in the freezer

Line base of your roasting pan with onions and garlic. the goal is to keep your chicken off the bottom.

With the chicken skin side down dust with poultry seasoning, cayanne, salt and spice. Compress your stuffing into the middle, fold the chicken around it, and bind the roast with butchers string. Don’t be surprised if you have significantly more stuffing than you can actually fit in the chicken and have to push some back in after it is tied up. I had a lot of stuffing left in the base of my roasting pan cooking along with the onions! Let your chicken rest in the middle of the roasting pan on your garlic onion bed.

Soften some butter in the microwave, mix in poultry spice and and mustard. Stir until it is evenly mixed. Coat your roast in it – I usually end up with quite a large amount of butter on my roast. Butter is flaaaavour!

Here you can see the roast, about to go into a 250c oven.

I cook covered for about 45mins and then uncovered for the last half hour, flipping once the top has crisped up to give the bottom a chance. Once a thermometer or your kitchen skills verifies it is cooked, remove from the oven and let stand for 5 minutes to rest.

Cut and discard string. Slice the roast with a NON-SERRATED blade, a sharp long clean knife so you can cut in one smooth motion giving you a beautiful roast to display with the roasted onion and stuffing from the bottom of your pan.


I served mine on rice and made a cornstarch gravy with the copious amount of drippings this yielded. I’m glad to say it turned out quite delicious and the roommates were enthralled.

“admit what you’ve done here Sean, you’ve taken one animal, removed it’s bones, and stuffed it in another animal…. and that, is hardcore”

Hope you enjoyed…


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