Bean salad!

Posted by on 06/02/2012

We went shopping last night, and I was lazy. I had prep to do, chickens to break down and a roast to cut up and I really didn’t want to do any of it – at all.

So, I picked up some beans. My plan was to marinade a simple bean salad so I could focus on breaking down what we had bought to feed us. Two fryer chickens bought on sale became 4 legs w/tighs attached, 4 chicken wings, and 2 roasts, bones removed. I froze them with the other 2 legs and 2 chicken wings from my previous chicken and I suddenly have a freezer full of meat, with a bag of bones for later use. I also managed to pick up a giant pork roast that’ll be turned into some pork-steaks and small roasts

anyway, here’s the bean salad I had tonight, and the recipe I threw together. It needs to sit overnight to marinade, and will taste better the longer you leave it. I made a pretty large batch since there’s three guys living here with frequent guests.

4 cans of beans, assorted. I used two cans of romano, one can of black beans, and a can of garbanzo.
1 cup rice wine vinegar
balsalmic vinegar
Italian seasoning
gluten free soy sauce
louisiana hot sauce
chilli powder
sambal oelek
olive oil
very small pinch poultry seasoning
chopped Parsley
dried chilli peppers
1 serrano peppeer
1/2 onion, thin slice
2 carrots, thin dice
1/4 yellow pepper, thin slice

No cooking at all for this one! you need one large bowl, one small bowl, and a cutting board. all your cans of beans. Rinse them and drain off the starchy water they come in. Put the beans in the big bowl.

2.put vinegar and spices in the small bowl with a large helping of oil and your aromatics (not onion). Whisk it until it starts to emulsify. You don’t need to go crazy with making sure it’s all mixed, but you DO need a large amount of oil. The amount you’ll need depends on the size of your container, but with the amount of beans I have I typically have about a cup of vinegar max with the rest of the space filled up with oil and my spices. I can’t give you amounts on them as it’s really based on personal preference. Taste your mixture and make sure you like it.

3. Put your chopped onions, chopped jalapeno and bell pepper, chopped carrots, chopped garlic, chopped parsley in the large container with the beans.

4. Pour your liquid ingredients and spices in with the beans and stir.

5. put the mixture in the largest tupperwear container you have, and shake it. If you don’t have one, you could stir more.

6. cover beans and refrigerate. Shake the tupperwear occaisionally. You non-tupperpeople can stir.

7. before bed I give a very thorough stir and taste. Adjust the seasoning. Invariably when I make it it needs a bit of salt at this point, but I have a habit of being on the low side whenever I can.

8.You can eat the beans anytime, but they are best after chilling for 24hours. I take some for lunch, and then have some with supper.

If you add rice to this dish it’ll be a complete protein with everything you need. very filling!

Hope you enjoy!


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