Roast chicken with Autumn vegetables

Posted by on 19/03/2012

Not really autumn anymore, but the local Co-op still had a bunch of seasonal vegetables left- and they looked tasty so I couldn’t pass on the chance.

Here are my vegetables:

Celery, Carrot, Yam/sweet potato, Rutabaga, Potato, butternut squash, garlic, onion, mushrooms

Step 1:
Chop all the easy vegetables and throw them in the roasting pan. Garlic, onion, celery, mushroom.

now work on the difficult vegetables.

Butternut squash – peel, half, remove the insides (I baked the seeds with salt & pepper for a snack) and chop.

Peel and chop the yam:

and the rutabaga:

and those potatos:

when dealing with potatos, once you peel them dip them quickly in water with a bit of lemon or lime juice. I salt the water too. This will prevent them from oxydizing and going brown on you. I kept my potatos in the water after chopping them too, but rinsed before I mixed them in with everything else.

here they are enjoying a soak:

Once you have drained them off, put the potatos in the roasting pan with all the other vegetables. You can see the relative sizes below:

add your spices: I used lots of salt, pepper, thyme, italian seasoning mix, sriracha, olive oil, and chilli powder.

Finally we mix the vegetables and spices and pop a chicken on top.

I not only stuffed the cavity of the bird with my vegetable mixture, but rubbed the herbed oil that collected in the bottom of the pan all over it like a deep tissue massage.

Chicken went into the oven uncovered at 450f for 15 minutes, then temperature was reduced to 350f for about two hours before all the juices ran clear and it was good to go. Your cooking time may vary.

The guys got to the chicken before I could take a photo of the finished product in the roasting pan, but here’s a shot of some plated chicken and vegetables for you:

This recipe turned out DELICIOUS, and like any roast provided a large supply of leftovers. I intentionally used far more vegetables than I would need because it’s very useful having them around.

I ended up making a soup out of the leftover chicken and vegetables, but that’ll have to wait until next week for you to discover.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. DebTheLocavore

    Look yummy!
    I love having leftover roasted veg and potatoes around too.
    did you use the roasted bones to make stock??

    • Sean Emerson

      definitely! I intentionally made far more roast vegetables than was necessary so that I could do a soup with them. I recorded it too and am featuring it in next weeks blog!

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