Stir fry rice and veg w/ asian inspired chicken wings

Posted by on 05/03/2012

Hello Everybody!

The other night there were only two of us home, and we wanted to get some quality time together – so supper ended up being a fast stir-fry.

Ok, yea. There’s a lot of prep. But once the chopping is done it all comes together really quickly!

Veg ingredients:

Mushrooms, Broccoli, carrot, onion, green onion, red pepper, garlic, ginger, radish (radish tastes…. different once cooked. Some people don’t like the flavour. I’d cook a bit up and try it first.)

angle cut when possible to increase surface area, it’ll give you a better end product. I like to keep my broccoli crowns very small.

these are the sauces I used:

Sambal Oelek, Sesame oil, gluten free soya sauce. I also used a lot of sesame seeds.

my spice weasel and salt grinder. I’ve got to get around to doing a post on how we make the Weasel mix.

the only other thing We’re missing is chicken wings – I had a bunch of spare ones in my freezer from the birds I’ve been breaking down so they worked perfectly for me. If you have any other spare meat, it’ll do. Because i’m dealing with bone-in chicken, I finish my wings in the oven.

I started off by Stir frying the chicken wings with some of the onion, garlic and ginger, sesame seeds, and the sauces. In what amounts? Well, thats up to you! I’ve started to notice that a lot of the different asian flavours can be made using varying amounts of the same flavours. This dish will taste different every time, and you’ll eventually figure out what sort of ratio you prefer.

oooh yea, after I stir fried them for a bit I covered them in sriracha because I am addicted to that stuff:

one I was satisfied that I had enough of a crisp on the outside of my wings, I put them in a casserole dish and into the oven while I prepared the rest of my meal. It was on at about 400f, until they were a bit crispy and delicious and my rice was ready. I didn’t time them. I just poked them until they were done.

here are my wings ready to go in the oven:

next step!
Stir fry the vegetables!

Get your oil hot, throw the vegetables in the wok, add your sauces:

once they have all softened and are looking delicious, add the sesame seeds:

when I’m satisified with the texture and flavour of the vegetables, I add in the rice I was cooking and fry that up too.

once it’s all hot and delicious, take off the heat and serve with the chicken wings.

heres the stir fried rice:

and the chicken wings!

Hope you enjoy!


2 Responses to Stir fry rice and veg w/ asian inspired chicken wings

  1. Chelsea

    Wow Sean, that looks so delicious I can almost smell it through the computer!

  2. DebTheLocavore

    I never thought about doing chickenwings with stirfry before.
    Brilliant idea!

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