stuffed meatloaf

Posted by on 12/03/2012

Hello Everybody!

I was wanting to make something tasty, but quick and easy and cheap the other night- So I decided to make meat loaf.

In my freezer I found both ground beef, and ground pork. Instead of mixing them both together like I normally would, I though it would be fun to try something new! So, I decided to spice up each of the meats individually. I even had leftover white rice and wild rice in my fridge, perfect for “filler”. oven will be at 350f for this one.

Chilli Beef – ground beef, chilli flakes, ancho chilli powder, minced garlic, minced onion, egg white, gluten free oats, cooked white rice

1. Put all ingredients in bowl. Mix by hand thoroughly. Lay out in the bottom of your roaster flat and square, thin in the middle with thick edges.

Mustard pork- ground pork, mustard powder, mustard seed, onion, garlic, chilli paste, frenches mustard, egg white, oats, cooked wild rice

2. put pork ingredients in bowl. Mix by hand thoroughly. put into the divot you made in the beef, evenly making sure to press down so there are no air bubbles.

3. use the beef you piled up around the edges to cover the pork filling.

4. Line up some jalapeno’s on your meat loaf for some tangy nom.

5. whip up a quick tomato sauce, or use leftover spaghetti sauce. I used a tin of tomato sauce, some onion, garlic, chilli paste, and italian seasoning. Sweat the onion & garlic, add the paste, add the sauce, add the seasoning, let it bubble. I probably should have told you to do this first so that it could bubble while you were forming the meat, but i’m not a genious.

6. cover your beef entirely in the tomato sauce. If you use ketchup for this part then Flavour Ninja’s will CHASE YOU DOWN AND CUT YOU.

7. Bake covered w/ tinfoil, uncover for last 30minutes of cooking. use meat thermometer to make sure that the center of the loaf is fully cooked before serving. Pretty sure this one only took about 1h.30m but your results may vary.

Above is what it looked like after coming out of the oven, and below you will see what the insides looked like(I’m using a whole lot more mustard next time so that the flavours are more distinct. Still tasted great though, and I’ll definitely try it again!)

I think I started a trend for my roommates, because they seem to love it when I stuff an animal with another animal. only time will tell!

That’s the recipe for this week, but I’ve got plenty more to come! Even started fermenting some peach/apple mulled cider – and it’s going to be DELICIOUS when that is done!

Hope everybody enjoyed!


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