Jalapeno popper roulette

Posted by on 09/04/2012

Hello Everybody!

Jalapeno poppers used to be one of my favourite foods, so when I was going over to my friends house, I decided to emulate the idea. Then I realized something: Why would I go to a friends house and make a meal, if I wasn’t going to turn it into something fun and entertaining? I had a chance to surprise something (You can’t tell whats in a meat ball.. can you?) and get people to talk about food.

My original plan was to put a habanero pepper inside one of the stuffed Jalapeno’s. This did not happen as the hottest pepper I could find was a Serrano. I still added a bunch more spice to it to make that one ball as evil as possible. It turned out great! Everyone was excited by the idea, and lined up for food. If you don’t try this, you should try something similar. Make food into a party instead of a chore!!

I have to eat gluten free, and gluten free flour can be expensive so I decided to do something different. Instead of batter, I’m using MEATBALLS.

You need:
as many Jalapenos as you want meat balls
one Serrano or Habanero depending on personal preference
Tomato sauce (I have homemade spaghetti sauce in my freezer. You can use something else. I give you permission to use a canned one, I won’t tell anyone.)
cassarole/baking dish
bread crumbs
rice – cook it ( small amount for filler, you need filler. it makes it more moist. )
chilli powder
2 eggs
one of your friends

Basically this : (the soy sauce is mine. Gluten free kikoman exists now o.o)

Step 1 :
Finely chop onion and garlic. Put in big bowl with the meat, the egg, some bread crumbs ( not all), some hot sauce, chilli powder, salt. Add pepper if you want. I didn’t ( rebel).

Oh yeah, you should have beaten the eggs and hotsauce together. Look, I fixed it. (and added rice)

Mix then all together until everything is homogeneous. Use your hands. Don’t do it too much or you’ll make the end product tougher (via working proteins in the meat)

Put some of your tomato sauce in the bottom of the pan. If you don’t know how you can make a really quick one by sauteing garlic +onion in olive oil (or other), adding can of tomato sauce, add spice, bringin it up to a simmer. Even if I use a premade sauce, I like to put it in with some fresh aromatics before I use it anyway.

put your oven at 450f now.

Cut open and core your jalapeno’s. If you are not dextrous with a paring knife you can just slice it open. It’s going in a meatball, noone will notice. If you keep the seeds and meat in the Jalapeno’s, it will be spicier- but at least chop it up because you want to lay a mozzarella stick in each of these. It’s really going to hold together a lot better if you can core it without slicing them open. But then again, some of us are lazy, and I was this time (also my friend didn’t have a good knife. I seriously did all of this with a serrated paring knife.)

Inside one of the jalapeno’s, put your serrano or habanero pepper. Core it and seed it if you are nice. I kept those in because I’m a dick, but still managed to get mozza in there. Chilli powder and hot sauce goes in every corner of this package that you can. The point is to be MEAN. (next time i’m going to put a bit of chilli powder in each of them, the regular ones weren’t spicy enough. This is ok, as long as one of them is WAY THE HELL MORE SPICY THAN THE OTHERS).

ok, now to assemble:

Take handful of meat. Roll into ball. Turn ball into cup. Put stuffed Jalapeno in cup, form meat around it. Add extra hotsauce to devil ball just to be a dick. Put onto cutting board lined up.

Once you have rolled them all, get a friend to load them up in the baking dish. THE PERSON WHO MADE THE BALLS DOES NOT GET TO LOAD THE DISH. The purpose is so that noone knows what ball is the devil ball. Cover with your tomato sauce and top with bread crumbs, like so :

Keep it in the oven for about an hour and a half. cooking time will vary. You may wish to lower it to 350 and keep it in there for longer, but we were hungry.
we didn’t get a picture of the finished product, and that is a shame.

To serve:
get people to line up, and serve the balls to them one at a time. We did one per person in a rotation as it was deemed the “fairest way to ensure everyone has a chance at hell”. The fun part comes when it’s time to eat, and you all get to dig in! If you’re lucky and you cut the peppers small people can eat them in one bite and it’ll be more of a trap.

I hereby openly apologize to anyone who is pissed off and or surprised by encountering the devil ball. THIS IS A PARTY FOOD. That’s right, It’s a dinner thats also meant to entertain… but it’s meatballs.

Think about food for a second, you might surprise yourself.


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