Kimchi Soup!

Posted by on 23/04/2012

Hello everybody!

Now that you’ve had a chance to make my Home made kimchi , here’s a recipe you can use it in!

The kimchi that I used in this recipe was a Chipotle version. It was easy to make and change the flavours up, I used Napa Cabbage, dried chipotle powder, onion and garlic in it. Innoculating with some of my lettuce kimchi made it ferment faster, and stronger.

Lets get started:
Onion, shallot, carrot, garlic, orange pepper, kimchi, canned whole tomatos (from the farm), stewing beef chunks.

Put stewing beef in a bowl with flour ( i used gluten free all purpose), salt, pepper, chilli powder, garlic powder. Toss to coat.

Brown your beef in the bottom of your stock pot, making sure you have an even layer. Do this in batches if you cannot, as not having contact withthe bottom makes them take longer to cook, and they do not get the carmalization we wish to contribute to the dish.

Once the beef is browned, reserve to the side with any liquid that is in the bottom. You will be adding this in later. I deglaze and add any brown bits to my beef aswell.

as you can see, they looked delicious!

at this point I crush up my spices while letting the vegetables start sauteing in the bottom of the pot. Here’s the spices I added, can you name them?

mmmmm they smelled quite delicious!

Once they are ground and I am content that the vegetables have sweated out, I add the spices in:

I also added my orange pepper, and let it saute for a bit. Then, comes the spicy part. Kimchi! I added 3 tablespoons and it was enough for a giant pot of soup! If you chop it a bit it will be easier to eat, as otherwise you’ll get giant cabbage pieces in your bowl.

once this was all mixed together, cooking away happily, I added in my can of tomato’s from the farm:

Now you’re done all the difficult work! seriously! It’s all waiting from now on. First,add the beef back in and reduce down the liquid until its thickened and delicious. here’s a shot of what my soup looked like after reducing:

once you are comfortable with classifying your reduction as “lovely” (or good enough… cough cough), it’s time to add liquid. You can add plain water if you want, there is a lot of flavour in here – but you will get the best results by using a stock. Beef stock preferred as it’s a beef soup, but I used chicken stock with mine and had no issues. It’s what I had in the freezer. With any of my recipes, substitution is usually not the end of the world.

Here you can see my soup simmering away, it will foam up just like a stock, and you WILL get a clearer more delicious soup if you skim off the foam that builds up.

and, after a few brief moments ( it will NOT take long due to the reduction and amount of work we put into the vegetables – everything should be cooked by that point), you’ll have a delicious kimchi soup to serve up. This does not take long at all, it’s one of the fastest soups i’ve been able to make. I really, really liked it – normally we end up with a lot of leftover soup in the freezer, but this pot was gone in DAYS.

Here is my end product. As always, I hope you at least manage to discover a new flavour- even if you are not comfortable making the recipe yourself.

Eat well, and I’ll talk to you next week!


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