Fiddlehead Breakfast hash

Posted by on 28/05/2012

I spent the last week out at a cabin along Kootenay Lake in BC. This was, I must say, friggen spectacular. Here is the view we had of part of the yard from the deck (the berry bushes are not in season yet):

While we were there I managed to get a whole bunch of Fiddle heads!! Delicious!! I took the opportunity to cook them up for us for breakfast one day with a bunch of herbs (lemonbasil, thyme, chive) from the garden and it turned out great.

Diced Potatoes
Lemon Basil
lemon Thyme

1. Wash and trim the fiddle heads. I found it quite fast and easy, any of the brown bits came off quickly in cold water. (no tap was available to me)

I put them to the side after this.

2. Peel, chop potato into inch cubes, put in a bowl of cold water so it does not brown.

3. Chop sausage, tomato, onion, herbs, reserve to the side.

4.Cook bacon, reserve. Do not drain out the bacon fat.

We used a ukranian sausage and some bacon from the local store up the highway.

5. Fry potato with onion and herbs in the bacon fat until almost soft. At this point, I add in the tomato and stewed it for a bit. If you prefer, this is when you would cook it longer to get it crispy.

6. Place the fiddle heads on the hash and cover with a lid to let them steam. I treat them like blanched asparagus when I am cooking. It took about ten minutes before they were ready for us to eat.

This turned out to be a great, fast, dish for us to cook while out at the cabin,and I loved the chance to work with the herb garden and forest we had around us. I crisped the leftovers up and had them with eggs in a giant scramble the next day, giving me two breakfasts for the price of one. Cheating, I know!

I have another dish that I made with some seafood we picked up, but that will wait until next week.


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