Rice-wrap breakfast rolls

Posted by on 14/05/2012

Before I go into the recipe, I just wanted to let everyone know about an awesome restaurant I went to the other day here in Calgary. Shiraz has some spectacular Persian food, and can do gluten free! I had the lamb-shank pizza on a gluten-free crust, and really enjoyed it. Here is a photo of the regular version for you!

Probably one of the best pizza’s I’ve had in a restaurant since finding out I could not tolerate gluten, and I look forward to trying more of their dishes.

The other morning I was looking in the fridge, and wanted to make myself something fast before heading to work. This is what I came up with, and it can definitely be edited to have many other flavours. Next time I make this, I’m hoping I have lettuce in the house as it would be much better with the crunch – now I know why it’s in Salad rolls!

Rice ( cold)
home made Kimchi
SoySauce ( kikoman gluten free)

As you can see, I have cut the carrot into sticks, and sliced up everything else.

These are the rice wraps I use.

ok lets get started!

First I cracked my eggs into a small bowl and added a tablespoon of water, salt, pepper, dash of soy sauce and a few drops of the liquid from my kimchi. I used a fork to beat it until it was frothy:

Then I heated up a skillet with some butter in it on medium heat. Once the butter was melted, in goes the egg! Once it starts too bubble up and set, I put the sliced mushrooms and kimchi in it, then flipped one end over.

Keeping all the ingredients to one side really makes it easier on you when you go to fold the omelette. I wait for it to set, then slide it out onto a cutting board and slice it up.

This was set to the side while I used the same skillet to prepare the onions and carrots. I want them really soft and tasty so they were cooked until JUST before they caramelized fully on me, I wanted them to have a sweet developed flavour but not TOO sweet. (alright, I’m crazy. I could have caramelized them fully but hey, maybe I was hungry and wanted to eat faster :p )

That’s pretty much all the cooking that is involved in this dish. It’s freaking easy. At this point I set out a large bowl with water, and followed the instructions for hydrating the rice wraps. I REALLY need practice at this part, it was a major pain in my rear! I’ll be asking some friends for advice on how to do these properly, as the wraps tend to fold in on themselves and become a sticky mess while I’m doing it. The instructions had me soak them in water for 5-10 seconds, then dry off and fill/roll. I’m thinking there HAS to be a better way, and at least one person has confirmed that there is. (steaming, hotwater/cold water baths etc). Once you’ve fumbled through rehydrating your rice wrap and have one out, we can continue.

For these wraps I started with a bit of rice, some omellete, and the onion/carrot mixture. Put them on the rice wrap closer to one side, fold the bottom over, the sides in, and roll it up. Same basic technique as a burrito.

Here we are, with minimal work we have created some breakfast wraps. Definitely adding lettuce next time, and maybe more hot sauce.

Hopefully this gives you some more idea’s of what you can do in the kitchen, for now, I’m out to enjoy another week. I’m going on vacation to the cabin in BC soon, and really looking forward to it as things certainly have NOT been easy on this side of the keyboard. Found out this week that I need to go in for some thyroid surgery to have some bits removed, and there has been some stress related to that. Nothing much to worry about as I am in good hands, and I’m going to try my hardest not to let it get in the way of updating my recipes on here- I love doing these blogs and look forward to it every week. I WILL try to bring my camera with me to the cabin though, because I have a few things that I definitely want to try blogging here! (mmmm… whole fish baked in a firepit)

till next week,


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