Chicken and Potatoes

Posted by on 25/06/2012

Hello Everybody!

This weeks dinner was not anything very complicated, in fact I’ve done similar before. I spent a lot of my time this week running between doctors, the office, and elsewhere – but I did manage to pick up a korean crock to make myself my kimchi in, no more mason jars and less mess! I did take pictures of loading up my first batch, but that’s not going to be this update – however it was a lot of work getting the vegetables prepped to be fermented, and it took a lot of my time. I wanted something I could just shove in the oven and mostly forget about until it was time to eat! This is how I decided to do a roast chicken for my sunday dinner.

step one: Potatoes, onion, carrot, celery, oil, herbs go in the roasting pan. Toss them to coat. Salt, pepper and garlic to your hearts content.

step two: stuffin! Roast vegetables, left over roast beef, Kinnikinnick gluten free cheese bread ( it’s what I had), all cut into tiny pieces. I use a bit of water to soak them, and plenty of spices (poultry spice, Italian seasoning, chili powder, it really is up to you. Taste it to be sure the flavour works). I put the stuffing in the oven to get it heating, it has to end up at the same temp as the chicken does (180f) so I like to get a bit of a head start. This does make stuffing the chicken more difficult, something I counter with a spoon to prevent burning myself. Get the oven preheating, and the stuffing in the bird. do NOT put warm stuffing in the bird if you are not immediately putting the bird in the oven.

step three: Rub the bird with the oil and herb mixture that you tossed the vegetables in. Fill that bird with stuffing. Preheat oven to 450f, put chicken in top up until it starts to get brown, then lower to 350f. Flip when chicken is brown on top, once chicken has browned and is crisp on bottom flip again. I like to get a really crisp skin. Once I have the skin all crisped up, I cover with tinfoil and bake until the thermometer reads over 180f. This takes a couple hours of baking time total, depending on your oven and the size of the bird. It’s a variable thing. If you do not have a thermometer, the chicken is done when the juices run clear. Potatoes, veg et all will be done at the same time as the chicken, and delicious from cooking in the juices.

Once the chicken is ready to go, let it sit on the counter for five minutes before you slice it up and serve with the potatoes and stuffing.

This was delicious, minimal prep involved. The wait times gave me a chance to work on my newest batch of kimchi with a good friend of mine. Hopefully it turns out great as it is my first time doing a batch larger than a mason jar. I will update on how it turned out next week – so keep your fingers crossed!

until next time,

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