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Chicken cordon bleu(ish)

You can tell a week has been stressful when I start gravitating towards comfort foods. I get a bit less creative and out there, while still maintaining flavours I appreciate. This week was particularly stressful for me as I bounced between appointments on my road to surgery at the end of August. Therefore, I made … Continue reading »

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Baked Trout and steamed beans

When I was at Co-op shopping the other day I noticed they had some Steelhead trout fillet’s on for pretty cheap, seemed like a great chance to try out another fish dish for you guys! Ingredients: Steel head trout fillet Green beans Rice Onion Garlic Ginger Butter Olive oil Chilli oil Parsley Sesame oil How … Continue reading »

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Fruit Popsicles

This week Calgary has been in a bit of a heat wave, plenty of days of hot sun beating down on us and 30c+ weather. Not a week where I wanted to have my oven on my mind, so I came up with something else to beat the heat. Fruit popsicles! With pieces of fresh … Continue reading »

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Rhubarb Freezer Jammin’

Summer usually means fresh plants in the garden, and this week I took full advantage of it. While visiting some friends I noticed this baby hanging out in the back yard, beckoning me to come harvest its goodness. This photo was taken after I had harvested as many red stalks as I could carry. We … Continue reading »

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Lets try that again: Kimchi

I finally found one!!! A Pickling crock, and for cheap too! This baby was waiting for me at B&J Restaurant Equipment Supplies ltd in Calgary, Alberta. It’s on the corner of centre ave street nw and 10thave. They have a really nice collection of anything you would need in the kitchen, at prices much lower … Continue reading »

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