Baked Trout and steamed beans

Posted by on 23/07/2012

When I was at Co-op shopping the other day I noticed they had some Steelhead trout fillet’s on for pretty cheap, seemed like a great chance to try out another fish dish for you guys!

Steel head trout fillet
Green beans
Olive oil
Chilli oil
Sesame oil

How to:

1.Put your rice in the cooker . I usually use a 1:1.5 ratio for basmati rice. Top with the steam tray and layer beans with onions and mushrooms inside of it.

2.Top with onions, spices, salt, butter, sesame oil, and a few drops of chilli oil. Put the lid on your cooker and start it going.

3. Olive oil goes into a pan with some butter. As it melts I throw in some garlic, ginger, and some salt. Stir the dried parsley into this (mine came off of my own plant!!) Heat until the butter is melted and your flavours have melded.

4. Rinse your fish, Pat it dry, and place on parchment paper on a baking sheet. This makes clean up way easier. Using a pastry brush coat the top half in the butter mixture. When the oven is at 400c put the fish in uncovered for 10 minutes. At that point carefully flip the fish, baste the other side, and put back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes depending on thickness.

The skin of the fish should be browned, crispy and delicious. The juices left on the parchment paper can be drizzled over the fish on your finished plates if you need a little bit more flavour or sauce.

The beans should be ready by the time the fish is done, I actually don’t worry if they finish early as vegetables in the steamer hold heat in the rice a little longer than usual. It was a really great dinner, I had a friend here who is normally a bit picky with eating that plowed right through his plate!

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