Fruit Popsicles

Posted by on 16/07/2012

This week Calgary has been in a bit of a heat wave, plenty of days of hot sun beating down on us and 30c+ weather. Not a week where I wanted to have my oven on my mind, so I came up with something else to beat the heat. Fruit popsicles! With pieces of fresh fruit, fruit juice, and condensed milk this is a very easy recipe to make that tastes delicious.

fresh fruit – slice into small pieces
assorted fruit juice – I used cranberry and orange
Condensed milk – not necessary if you are lactose intolerant
sea salt – gives a nice flavour to the condensed milk.
Dixie cups – I don’t have popsicle molds
Plastic spoons – If I don’t have molds why would I have the sticks?

1.Chop fruit. Small items like blackberrys, blueberrys and raspberrys can be left whole.

2. Fill each cup with fruit, shake to make the distribution random. Put a spoon in the middle and use the fruit to hold it straight up.

3. Put condensed milk in a container and mix up some sea salt in there. Drizzle a bit over the fruit

4.Fill the bottom half of the cup with juice and drizzle in a bit more condensed milk. Half of mine start with cranberry, the others start with orange juice.

5.Pop them in the freezer until the bottom layer is solid. Cover the frozen layer with more of the condensed milk.

6. Top them off with the juice you have not yet used in the popsicle. I don’t like to add more cream to this portion as it can make the popsicles fall apart a bit easier. You can if you want to, just freeze it longer.

7. Leave them in the freezer and go back to them that night, or the next morning. They should pop out of the cups quite easily, giving you a healthy, cool snack for the hot days ahead.

Hope this helps everyone cool down!


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