Pan-fried citrus salmon and vegetables

Posted by on 27/08/2012

The second dish I prepared for myself while waiting for my surgery date was a pan-fried salmon. It was delicious! Been far too long since I made one of these for myself. I was looking for other dishes to do so I could schedule a few updates, so this one fit the bill perfectly.

When looking for a piece of salmon I selected one that had a good, even colour, no fishy smell, and a relatively even thickness. This will ensure it cooks well, and is of good, fresh quality. Fish will only smell fishy when it is not fresh!


For the vegetables, I sliced up a small yellow pepper from the garden, two carrots, garlic, and half reach of a red and white onion. (they were eyeing me half used in the fridge. How I got two half onions is a story for another day). You will also need a lemon, and an orange if you wish for extra citrus flavour. I had my own way of getting around the oven, as you will shortly discover. Slice up the veg and set aside.


Salt, pepper, and olive oil also join the party. I have a blood orange infused olive oil, so I left out the orange I would normally squeeze half of.


the salt, pepper, Olive oil, and juice from half of the lemon get squeezed onto a plate. The salmon is fully coated in this and left to rest VERY briefly. If you leave it too long, the acid will start cooking the salmon on you! This is not a ceviche, we do not want that to happen.


Pan gets heated up, some oil added to hot pan, and the vegetables put in when the oil is hot. When you add oil to a hot pan and let it heat up before adding veg, it spreads out more and forms a nonstick barrier enabling you to avoid a messy cleanup!

I sweat the vegetables until tender on medium heat before juicing the other lemon half into them. Clear a space in the center for the fish once you have soft veg.


my fish had no skin so I put flat side down. Otherwise go skin side down. Cover, and let it cook for about five minutes. Then flip the fish carefully (it can easily fall apart) and cook on the other side for about two minutes.

If the salmon is of high quality, you can have it rare. Some people really dislike that however. Once the salmon has gotten pale, it is cooked.


I served my salmon on a bed of vegetables with some toasted buttered local carebakery gluten free buns. They are starting to become available in some stores in Calgary, such as the Old School Emporium. Hopefully they will be available in other cities at some point, but for now you must only look and drool.

This turned out spectacular, with a great citrus zing. Plus, it cooks so fast I was barely in the kitchen before I was back enjoying shark week!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this recipe is as good for you as it was for me!


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