Spicy mustard chicken wings

Posted by on 20/08/2012

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last two weeks housesitting. This recipe is one of the comfort foods I made myself as my surgery date quickly approaches. I’ve done up this meal and two others, to reduce my stress levels and enable me to have some content for you during my stay.

Olive oil
Wine vinegar
Tobasco sauce, chipotle and regular (you can use regular chipotle peppers if you have them)
Mustard (Frenches is gluten free but a Dijon tastes better)
Garlic chilli sauce-brand says gluten free. You can sub extra garlic and hot sauce. I used this as I did not have extra garlic.
Chicken drumsticks
Gluten free soy sauce


Thaw chicken, set aside.
Slice onion and garlic, put in a non reactive container that can hold all of your chicken without stacking.

When preparing the marinade, I start with a healthy helping of olive oil and a few table spoons of vinegar. Then I add all the other sauces small amounts at a time, with half of the marinade being mustard.
Taste as you go, adding the ingredients bit by bit. I usually end up with around a tablespoon of all the sauces, half a tablespoon of each tobasco. Mix together with a fork to get it even.


Place your chicken down in the non reactive container ( I use one that can go in the oven). Pour the marinade over the chicken and turn it to get an even coat.

Cover the chicken. Put in the fridge for at least an hour. Over night works better!


chicken gets roasted in the oven uncovered at 350f. After 30 minutes, turn the chicken and continue to roast another 30.  I then turn it up to 450 for 20 minutes as I enjoy the extra crisp you get on the chicken.

When done the juices will run clear and the sauce will be thick. This is very good on its own as a finger food, and works great as a chicken wing sauce!


Serve by laying out the chicken drumsticks on a plate and pouring the cooked marinade over it.

This is a very delicious quick way to do chicken, it really hits the spot for me when I want something fast and delicious. I’ve made it so many times over the years that its one of my staple feel good meals!  definitely not intimidating, and a great way to have a fast snack

Thanks for reading! I appreciate any comments and food stories people wish to share. How do you do your chicken drumsticks?


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