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Quick Vegetarian Stir Fry

Hey Guys! The other day I was wanting a very quick lunch and had some tofu, vegetables, and rice noodles so this was a great option for me to make. We don’t keep much meat around my mothers house- my Sister and Brother are both vegetarian so there is little point, it just won’t get … Continue reading »

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Chokecherry Jam

Hello Everybody! If you live in Calgary or the northern prairies, you’ve probably seen a chokecherry before. You may not realize it, they are all over the city here and so few people avail themselves of the berries or are aware that they are even edible! The purple leaves and large amount of small black … Continue reading »

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Aglio Y Olio

It’s been another week of rest for me, things seem to be healing up quickly. Sadly, I do not have very much energy as my body is getting used to synthetic thyroid hormones. I have been told it will return once things are in balance- but until then it is a waiting game. No knowledge … Continue reading »

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Guest Blog – Smokey Ratatouille

Hey Guys! As I’ve said before I’ve recently gone through a fairly major surgery. This means I wasn’t able to have the energy to cook something for you this week- but don’t worry, all signs point to things going quite well for me! I owe this recipe to my friend Dion Turner and his lovely … Continue reading »

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