Aglio Y Olio

Posted by on 10/09/2012

It’s been another week of rest for me, things seem to be healing up quickly. Sadly, I do not have very much energy as my body is getting used to synthetic thyroid hormones. I have been told it will return once things are in balance- but until then it is a waiting game. No knowledge as to if the biopsy went well or not as of yet, I don’t get to know that until the 18th. The wait is insane!

I was over visiting Ryan and he cooked this up for me, it’s a comfort dish that we both enjoy – Aglio Y Olio. This translates to “Garlic and Oil” so if you aren’t a fan of those you probably won’t like this! The traditional version includes anchovy- and I have used them, however if you are vegetarian or if you are not ok with them in your food you can substitute some capers for them to get the salty tang. However, they do melt while in the oil so you do not have little fish to eat in the finished product.

    Aglio Y Olio :
    Primary ingredients:

Olive oil – we use premium oil from a small market named “sofritto’s” in Calgary here. They have bins of different types, and allow you to taste them before chosing what one to be bottled. The oil I used has a very strong flavour, perfect for something heavy on garlic such as this

Garlic- lots of it. I believe we used 1/3 of this clove but I have frequently used much more.

Chilli peppers – these are dried Thai Chilli peppers off of my own plant! I have a mesh bag ( kinda like cheese cloth) that I hang the peppers in until they are completely dry. I ended up crushing and using all of them in this dish.

Anchovy Fillets – you need about two of these. Millionnaires is my favourite brand, I found these near the pickled fish products. If you really want to, I suppose you could use anchovy paste but I have never had it around or found it necessary as I really do like anchovies. – Can substitute a teaspoon of capers if you really have a problem with anchovy.

Gluten free pasta – I tend to gravitate to corn pasta’s. The ones from Italy are the best in my opinion! Who else but the Italians would know pasta so well??

(oh yea, I grew this! woo!)

Parsley – A handful from one of my plants, chopped. This is one of the last ingredients to be added so you can wait on it if you desire.

    How to:

1. Heat up your oil in a pan with the dried chilli’s. I like to add these at the start as soon as the oil goes in the pan. (usually you add oil to a hot pan, then ingredients to hot oil.) This helps develop a great background heat!

2. Add two anchovies ( sometimes 3 depending on the amount of food you are making) once the oil/chilli mixture has gotten hot. They should bubble away, and eventually dissolve completely!

3. Once the Anchovies have fallen apart, we add in the garlic. Lots of garlic. Delicious, minced or pressed garlic. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with too much garlic ( just make sure everyone else eats this dish too to avoid a revolt). If you don’t have water on for your pasta yet, you should probably get that going as this dish does not take very long to produce.

4. Keep the heat on stirring occaisionally. Once the oil mixture looks like the picture above- everything floating individually, but without having browned, it is ready for you to add it to your pasta.

5. strain, rinse your pasta. Pour the oil mixture over it in a large pot or mixing bowl, and toss. This is also when I add in the chopped parsley – you do not want it to lose it’s texture!

6. As you can see, the dish is now done! Top with fresh parmagianno regianno at the table, I didn’t get a picture after that point as the food is well, too tasty to let sit!

There you have it, a very simple and easy comfort food from Italy that anyone can make. I’m sure you will experiment and find your own version of this to have – you can change little things to make this into a wide variety of delicious dishes, such as tossing shrimp in the oil to cook before adding it to the pasta. I was really greatful for this dish, and had to share the recipe for you.

Oh, and one more thing as a bonus for you:

We had this lovely microgreen salad as an appetizer while waiting for the pasta to finish. I grow lettuce in a few buckets, and they needed to be thinned out 😉

The Salad dressing is one that we made ourselves, containing the following: Local Saskatoon Berries, Garlic, Olive oil, a dash of balsamic vinegar, some delicious red wine ( same one we had with dinner), salt, and pepper. Seriously, that’s all we needed! The ingredients were mixed together around when we started the pasta sauce. Mash/mix with a fork and allow it to sit somewhere so that the berries can absorb all those lovely flavours!

Hopefully these flavours meet your palate as kindly as they did mine. This blog has been a few days in the making as I seriously do lack energy these days- but I’m glad to have it up and finished for you guys. Time for me to have a nap, then work on supper!


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