Quick Vegetarian Stir Fry

Posted by on 24/09/2012

Hey Guys!

The other day I was wanting a very quick lunch and had some tofu, vegetables, and rice noodles so this was a great option for me to make. We don’t keep much meat around my mothers house- my Sister and Brother are both vegetarian so there is little point, it just won’t get used up!

Snow peas
Sliced Carrots
Cubed Tofu

The Flavours:

VH soya sauce ( this is gluten free)
Sesame oil
Rice Wine Vinegar
Olive Oil – the type I used is garlic/shallot infused. You can just increase the amount of garlic and onion you use in the final dish to get the same flavour.

How To:
Heat pan, when pan is hot add the olive oil, and a bit of sesame oil. When oil is hot add in the onion, garlic, and carrot. Stir however you like ( I just shake the pan and flip the stuff using it all cook-like) until they have started to soften. At this point,I add in the snow peas and broccoli, and add a dash of rice wine vinegar, a bunch of soy sauce, and a copious helping of sriracha.

Once again stirfry these ingredients until the broccoli has softened. At that point, add in the cubed tofu and continue to stir as it sucks in all the delicious flavours to become warmed up little cubes of awesome. Can you tell I like tofu?

When it reached this stage I pulled it off the heat and started to soak my rice noodles. I had forgotten to do them before, but no worries- if you pour boiling water over the rice noodles they cook pretty much instantly! I did this, rinsed them, and separated them a little before throwing that into the pan with the stir fry, putting it back over the heat, and mixing it all up to get them full of the delicious flavours I had been working with.

By keeping some of the liquid that was in with the rice noodles and adding it into the pot, I was able to build up a bit of sauce and keep things moist. Really all you have to do at this point is work things around until they are all to your liking- it doesn’t take long at all to make this dish and it is very non-complex.

As I had added rice noodles, I did not make rice to go with this. Normally when I do a stir fry, it is put on top of rice when I serve. This one can completely be made in that same manner!

There you have it! A very quick and easy vegetarian tofu stir fry, and it doesn’t require very many complex steps to create. Tofu is an ingredient that intimidates a lot of people but I’ve always found it quite easy and enjoyable to work with, you just have to realize that on it’s own there isn’t very much flavour, it needs assistance to get to a place where you would be happy to eat it every day.

Hopefully this dish is to your liking, and I’ve opened up more avenues for you to explore when preparing a meal. This one is really good if you have a vegetarian coming over for supper and you want something easy to prepare- there are plenty of other options for you but it can certainly be intimidating cooking in a new style, especially if you have celiac disease like I do .

Thanks for joining me! It has been a very long week, but I do get to go back to the office finally -no longer cooped up at home driving myself crazy. My biopsy results did come back, they however were not the good results I was hoping for. I’ve been told I have “follicular thyroid cancer” and am hopeful that I’ll get through it OK but it was still a shock. I have no other information on my treatment plan until I head in to my endocrinologist on the first, keep your fingers crossed for me!


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