Curry rice and beans

Posted by on 15/10/2012

This week went by pretty quickly. I’m still on the low-iodine diet so I haven’t gotten very “out-there” or experimental with the dishes I’ve been making, However, I still managed to throw together some pretty good things.

Earlier in the week my Info pack from Thyroid Cancer Canada, including a really detailed food guide for low-iodine diets. If you do happen to make it to my website through a search on thyroid cancer, I’d highly recommend going through and ordering the kit from them – explains everything from start to finish, goes over the treatment and what to expect, and offers suggestions to make the process easier for you. The forums they have are really useful, sometimes you just need to chat with someone that has gone through a similar situation. They are a charity that receives no government or other support, and seem to have done a great job ensuring information is available to people that need it. Papillary Thyroid Cancer Guide also has some useful information for you, even though my particular cancer wasn’t the main one they are aimed at ( still helpful!)

The dish I made this week happens to be vegetarian. I’ve found myself leaning to that direction recently as my brother and sister are both Vegetarian, plus the Low-iodine diet limits the amount of servings of meats you can have each day. Just plain old is easier for me if I make a dish where I don’t have to worry as much about limiting my serving size!

Curry Rice and Beans:

This is a very simple meal, and filling. Because you have beans and rice, it is a complete protein. Make sure you use a no-iodine salt or omit it if doing this recipe on a low-iodine diet, and ensure you aren’t using soy-beans for the bean component. Some diet recommendations list rice as a limiting factor, but as I am celiac that’s not really an option for me. The food guide from thyroidcancercanada lists rice as an allowed item, so I’m going to stick with that diet.

Beans – I had pinto, kidney and garbanzo. Soak overnight to rehydrate
Rice – Basmati
Curry powder- make sure it does not include colouring agents or salt if you are doing a LID.
Chilli pepper- two thai chilli’s
Jalapeno – sliced
Onion- Sliced
Mushrooms- Sliced
Red pepper- large diced
Kosher salt/Low iodine salt
Coconut milk – If turn the can over before opening it, the cream will all be at the bottom and it’ll be easier to get it out.

1. One beans have soaked, rinse them off. Put beans and rice in the rice steamer.
2. Chop Vegetables, put them in the rice cooker
3. Measure the coconut and the cream into the rice cooker. This counts towards the liquid that you cook the rice with
4. Add water to the rice cooker – ratio of liquid to rice should be 2:1
5. Add in your chopped chilli peppers, salt, curry powder, and pepper.
6. Give it a really good stir to ensure the spices and vegetables are all mixed up.
7. Put the lid on and start the rice cooker.
8. Eat.

As you can see this is a very quick and easy meal, that provides complete protein. The coconut cream makes it creamy and delicious, making up for the fact that you cannot have milk products on a LID – I know I really miss them! It’s important to make sure you cook meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family, so that you do not feel left out. This one manages to be gluten free, low iodine, and vegetarian! It was also quite delicious, and I think I’ll be going back to this meal even after I’m off this special diet.

Not much more to add this week, I wasn’t very active in the kitchen. I’ve been having a lot of salads and fruit!

Hope you enjoyed the recipe!


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