Happy Halloween! (Roast and beans)

Posted by on 29/10/2012

This week was more of the same. Still on a special diet, still waiting for test results. Doesn’t mean I didn’t  have fun though!


Since Halloween is coming up,  I found and carved myself a cute little pumpkin. Normally I’d want to do something scary, but I was just not in the mood so I ended up with this happy guy. He might not be as happy after Halloween though, I plan on freezing him for future pumpkin soup! So, keep your leftover halloween pumpkin, because I’ll go over that in a week. For now, rinse off your pumpkin seeds, toss with spiced oil, and roast in the oven for a delicious snack. (happens very quickly, I’ve burnt them many times)


I did more than just a pumpkin though. I also finally got myself a canning set!!  Was exciting. I started off by getting all the newly made fermented pickles I had recently produced processed in cans to make them keep longer. I don’t kid myself, they will probably not last long without being eaten, however I wanted an excuse to process something and I had no extra jam ingredients around to throw one together. I also priced out pressure canners so they are on my purchase list for when I can afford it.


For dinner, I did a delicious roast with potatoes and beans:


For the roast and potatoes, it took one hour, ten minutes at 400f to get to 140f (rare).


I used salt, pepper, potato, onion, garlic, olive oil, and cumin as my spices. Salt was a kosher iodine free version, so this fit with both the low iodine diet I’m on for the treatment of my follicular thyroid cancer; while also being gluten free. I miss iodine. First day I can have it again is going to end with me gorging on fish!


The beans were easy to make as a side dish. Green beans, onion, my Thai chillies, olive oil, salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and sesame oil.  I started them with about 15 minutes left to go on the roast.


Fry in on medium-high, until beans soften but still have a bit of crunch. Should not take long at all, and I prefer it to the soggy flavourless beans you would get from a quick microwave wIth butter.

Anyway! This turned out delicious, and was enjoyed by our houseguests.  I thought I would get leftovers but was mistaken yet again. Need to stop expecting them, methinks!  Hopefully you found this update useful or at least enjoyed it, I sure did!

Until next time,


If anyone has ideas of things time water can or recipes using the process, I’d love to hear them… especially if you do not mind me sharing with others on here! What is your favourite home canned good? Mine are mustard pickles. Gotta try those soon!

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