Chicken pasta dinner

Posted by on 03/12/2012

After going into the hospital monday morning for my I-131 thyroid cancer treatment I had to go into isolation. This meant 24 hours in hospital followed by 5 days at home alone. I could not be within 2 meters of anyone for the entire week, so it was just me and my thoughts. This was frankly quite boring, but much preferred to the alternative.

I didn’t do much cooking this week as my mothers friends banded together to make the week easier on me. My mother was in Mexico for my stepsisters wedding; they wanted to be sure I felt loved so I had plenty of people popping in to drop off a meal and a few cards from my mother. It was excellent and reminded me how much they care.  Sunday night however, I had to make the last meal of my run on a low iodine diet. The pasta and chicken I made was delicious. I’m probably going to make this for myself again in the future!

Chicken and pasta dinner

Step 1: marinate the chicken.


Mix together the following:
chilli powder
garlic powder
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar

Usually I use about a tbsp chilli powder, half teaspoon garlic powder and salt, a few cracks of a pepper mill, a tablespoon of vinegar and enough Olivetti to mix it all up into a marinade (a few tbsp). Whisk it up with a fork until everything is well mixed. I brush the chicken using a pastry brush and then put it in the fridge for a couple hours. This can be done the night before if desired.


When you are ready to get cooking, preheat your oven to 400f and get ready to cut some veg. I set the timer on the oven for 20 minutes so that I know when to turn the chicken over. Breast goes in the oven.


For the vegetables, start off by chopping up a mirepoix. This is 50% onion, 25% celery and 25% carrot. I also smashed two cloves of garlic.

Get a skillet heating, add some oil, and start sweating your vegetables once it is hot.


I also add in salt and pepper once it has had a bit of a chance to cook. The amounts of them depend on your personal preference. These vegetables continue to cook and sweat down while the chicken cooks. After the chicken has been flipped out water on to boil and set my timer for another 25 minutes. It may take a bit longer for the chicken to cook, however I normally find my chicken over 180f after 40-50minutes at 400f.


While waiting for the water to boil I prepare chopped parsley, homegrown chilli peppers, and the juice of half a lemon. This gets mixed in with the vegetables a few minutes before the pasta is done. If you time it correctly the pasta and chicken should be ready at around the same time; so you can finish the pasta while allowing the chicken time to rest for a few minutes.


Mix the pasta with the vegetables. Toss them together so that the oil the sauce cooked in coats your noodles.

The dish is now done. By slicing up the large chicken breasts I was able to turn each into two servings. This meal was delicious! I used a rice pasta to keep it gluten free, however it can be substituted for you wheat eaters out there.

Hopefully you find this dish with easy to make and delicious!

Until next week,

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