Charcoal Grilled Rainbow Trout

Posted by on 08/04/2013

Hello Everyone!

There was some nice weather the other day, so we got a chance to break out the charcoal grill. I really do prefer the taste that it lends over a gas or propane barbeque, but its a complete pain to light and get the coals to the proper temperature! Lucky for me, I have Ryan, my boyfriend whome I’ve appointed as “lighter of fire”. I know how to do it, and I know it’s quite simple getting the coals ready, but I’m not willing to admit that as it’s a step I can get someone else to do while I’m preparing the food.


Ok! The fire is lit and the charcoal is hot. Now it’s time for us to get working on what we want to grill. When I was at Co-op the other day they had a GREAT sale on rainbow trout, so I picked up two of them for us to have as a special treat!


Lucky for me they had already been gutted and cleaned. I don’t like that part, but I’ll do it if I have to.


If you didn’t get fish that were cleaned, now is the time to do so. If you did, cut off the head,tail, and fins for use in a soup. You COULD leave them on, but a lot of people get squeamish about things like fish heads! Use a very sharp knife to cut the head off, and use the gills as a guide. This should make it easier than if you just hack at the poor thing.


Stuff the fish with onion, lemon, garlic, and herbs. I was out of lemon so I used a touch of rice wine vinegar to give the fish acidity. For Herbs we used some home grown oregan, chive, and parsley. I then sew the fish shut using a skewer – soaked in water so that it does not burn as I grill.


Coat the fish in spices. For my spice mixture I used the following:

Chilli powder
apple cider vinegar
Rice flour
Garlic paste ( from a press)
Sea salt

This gets rubbed over both sides of the fish, and some of it was pressed in to the cavity.

Take your fish outside for the next step:


Time to put the fish on the grill! I left it on there for about 5 minutes before flipping, by then the skin was crispy and was able to be separated from the grill with little effort using a metal spatula.


As you can see some of it did still stick on me, but I was able to save a large amount of that crispy skin! I left it for about another 5 minutes on the other side to cook that fillet too.


Now the fish is cooked! It should be delicious, falling off the bone. If you do not want to serve the fish with the skin, it will pull off in one piece. However, the crispy spiced skin is my favourite part of this dish so I suggest you try it!


There you have it, some delicious gluten free grilled rainbow trout, with a sriracha crust. We served ours with rice and steamed vegetables. It was a treat! The meat came off the bones with the slightest pressure of a fork- but don’t let me tell you about it… go grill yourself your own fish!

Until next time,

Sean Emerson

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