Cauliflower Rice – or is it cous-cous?

Posted by on 23/05/2013

It’s been a while since I posted last, I missed my update last week ( for shame!). No real excuse this time either… well, unless you count a garden. Being lucky enough to have a friend with an extensive garden that happened to have empty space, we were able to plant loads of vegetables. After some care and patience, I hope to have radishes, lettuce, peas, beans, carrots, swiss chard, raspberries, nankin cherries, corn, pumpkin, Tomato, and cucumber. It was a lot of work, but quite worth it! I look forward to seeing everything grow, and sharing the harvest that we get in the end.

There is a recipe to go with this post, not just a bunch of chatter. When visiting my mother she pulled this one out on me and I was quite surprised with it! She calls it “Cauliflower Rice” but I call it

Cauliflower Cous-cous.


Blender/Food processor
Cauliflower, chopped into heads that will fit in a blender.
Onion, to taste
garlic, to taste
Salt and pepper, to taste
Oil – enough to fry your cauliflower.

Not many ingredients in this, but that is the key to a great side.

Step 1:

Get your cauliflower to da choppa. Add his friends, onion, garlic and dash’a oil.

Blend to the consistency of cous-cous, small grains the size of rock salt. I suppose it is possible to do this without a blender by mincing the cauliflower with a knife, however that would take a lot of prep work and I have a food processor. so. hah. I used it.

Step 2:

Fry the cauliflower in a pan until it gets a toasty golden, a good fry is the key to this recipe. At this point you would add in spices, salt, pepper etc.

Step 3:


When the cauliflower cous-cous is crispy, serve hot as a side dish. Ours was paired with a grilled trout fillet, as well as an avocado tomato salad with basil and balsamic vinegar. Hopefully someone out there gives this one a try, it’s really worth it! I hadn’t had cous-cous in years because it’s a gluteny arse – and I’m willing to take this as a replacement.

Anyway, this is it for now. Until another time!


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