Thai spiced Buffalo and Mushroom Soup

Posted by on 03/06/2013

I did it again. I made a soup. I really do try to tell myself that I’m not going to end up making another soup for my blog but I seem to do it again and again. No wonder that, I love soup and I would like to think that I’ve gotten fairly good at making them from any of the odds and ends I get ahold of.

This soup was directly caused by a trip to Old School Emporium, a green grocer in downtown Calgary that I have become quite fond of. Located Just off 17 Ave and 8 St in the corner of Mount Royal Village, they have a lot of local produce and product. With stock that includes gluten free products and locally made corn tortillas, they really do make me a happy celiac.

Now enough about the store – though they do have a part in this story. When last I was checking them out I noticed they have a table of “shabby produce”, things that while they may be past prime are still quite edible.. and really, why would I say no to a table full of bananas and vegetables at half off? It just SCREAMS soup to me! I was also pleased to find a special on frozen meat, getting myself the vacpac of bison stewing meat that I used in this dish.

IMG_20130603_195447 Close up on the finished soup

1 large pot of stock
2 sticks of lemon grass,
chilli’s fresh or dried, to taste
5 cardamom
2 clove
1 inchginger,
4 garlic,
small piece of dried galangal – it’ll still be good without
curry leaf – same with this, great with, still good without.
coconut oil
Bison stewing meat
Mushrooms – I had shitake and oyster
Copious amount of carrot
large onion

1. Add the spices to your stock after crushing them. Let this boil on the stove while you do prep
2. chop the carrots into 2 inch sticks ( allumette/matchstick), cut onion, and turnip to match.
3. rough chop the mushrooms, only if they are large
4. add a bit of coconut oil, turmeric, pepper, salt, cumin, chilli powder, rice flour to the bison meat and mix with hands until coated.
5. heat pot on stove with a small amount of coconut oil in it.
6. when hot, sear meat. deglaze with some of the stock after setting meat to the side.
7. sauté the vegetables in the pan immediately after deglazing. Once they start to soften add the meat back in and stir. It should all get juicy and delicious ( technical term of course)
IMG_20130603_193707 both juicy AND delicious.

8. add your mushrooms and give them a very quick stir
9. add the stock, pouring through a sieve to catch the spices as you do not want those in the finished soup.
10. Cook until delicious and eat. Soup is ready when the vegetables are soft and the meat is cooked through, it really did not take long at all to get delicious, mostly due to the spices being boiled in the soup beforehand.

I served my soup in a bowl. I was hungry, there was no side.


Hopefully you are able to recreate this soup, and enjoy it as much as I did!

Until next time,


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