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Moroccan Tajine

Hello everybody, and Merry Christmas! I’m spending the day at my mothers house, but I prepared this recipe for you as a Christmas surprise. This recipe uses some special spice mixes we picked up, but it’s delicious to try either way. The main spice in this dish, Ras El Hanout, is Moroccan spice mixture used … Continue reading »

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Lemon poached salmon w/ Tarragon and Caraway seeds

Hello Everyone! I did up another recipe for you this week, this time featuring some delicious salmon that I picked up. Scroll below the recipe if you want to see a video demo of this recipe. Ingredients Salmon Fillet Lemon – sliced thin Onion- half chopped, half sliced in rounds Green beans – chopped in … Continue reading »

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Beef Lentil Chilli – the Recipe

Hello! Here is the recipe for my beef lentil chilli. I figured I should share this for those of you who cook better this way 🙂 If you want to learn by video, check out my previous blog where I demo this recipe : click here for the video demo Beef Lentil Chilli Ingredients 3 … Continue reading »

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Beef Lentil Chilli Video

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I put together a surprise today, Though it’s not a recipe. Here for your enjoyment is my first ever cooking how-to video! I made a beef-lentil chilli. It’s delicious, and could very easily be vegetarian. Click here for the recipe! click here for the recipe Have a good night, and … Continue reading »

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