Beef Lentil Chilli – the Recipe

Posted by on 14/12/2014


Here is the recipe for my beef lentil chilli. I figured I should share this for those of you who cook better this way 🙂

If you want to learn by video, check out my previous blog where I demo this recipe : click here for the video demo

Beef Lentil Chilli


3 carrots chopped
4 celery chopped
2 onion chopped
4 cloves garlic -2 diced 2 reserved for later
1 yellow pepper chopped
1/2 green pepper chopped
1/3 bunch broccoli chopped
1 can crushed tomato
1 cup dried lentils
2tbsb tomato paste
2-4 cups of water
1/2 kilo beef
Canola oil
coconut oil

smoked paprika 3/4 pinches
Chilli powder
Cumin (or an alternate/spice mix) 1-2tablespoons
Oregano -2-3tbsps
Rosemary -large sprig
Bayleaf 2 bayleafs
1-2 small chopped fresh chillis

1. Brown the ground beef first with some salt, pepper and a small amount of the veg for flavour. Drain, set aside. FOR VEGETARIAN- OMIT THIS STEP, ADD ONE CUP EXTRA LENTILS. YOU WILL NEED MORE WATER.

2. Saute the Celery, Onion, Carrot, Minced garlic until they sweat. Salt and pepper them at this point too.

3. Once veg are soft add chopped chilli peppers plus the herbs and spices.

3. When the vegetables are well coated add your 2 tbsp of tomato paste, stir it all up (this portion must be done quickly as the tomato paste can burn). Make sure there are no lumps of tomato paste.

4. Add the beef, stir thoroughly, then add can of crushed tomato and stir yet more.

5. Add the cup of lentils plus acup of water, press in 2 cloves of garlic and mix thoroughly. Add more water so that it is liquidy but not watery and cover, put on medium-low and set timer for one hour. You will have to stir it frequently, and add in more water as needed. This can get very thick if you do not add any more in.

6. With 20 minutes left on timer add the chopped bell peppers and start rice if you are having it.

7. with 5 minutes left add the broccoli and cover again. If you add more water at this point it will help soften the broccoli.

8. Serve once lentils are soft – should be any time now at this point. Don’t be afraid to add more water in at any point as it gets very thick, the lentils should absorb any extra.

9. Serve with Rice. Great with pickled vegetables!

Hope you enjoy the dish! Please see my previous blog if you want to learn how to do this via video.

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