Lemon poached salmon w/ Tarragon and Caraway seeds

Posted by on 18/12/2014

Hello Everyone!

I did up another recipe for you this week, this time featuring some delicious salmon that I picked up.

Scroll below the recipe if you want to see a video demo of this recipe.


Salmon Fillet
Lemon – sliced thin
Onion- half chopped, half sliced in rounds
Green beans – chopped in fork sized pieces
Mixed Vegetable/Mirepoix – Onion/carrot/celery. I used rainbow carrots because they are delicious.
Spices- Salt, Pepper, Caraway seeds(crushed), Dried Tarragon
Water- about a cup (depends on your pan)
Starch – I served mine on brown rice.
Butter or other fat for frying (I prefer butter with fish)



1. Chop all ingredients uniformly into bite sized pieces.
2. Heat pan, melt a knob of butter. When melted, add the vegetable mix and stir/toss thoroughly until it begins to soften. Add some salt now.
3. Once the vegetables are softer but still have bite, add crushed carroway seed, pepper, tarragon, and more salt if it needs it. I add these spices to the salmon at this point too.
4. When they start to brown, add the beans, toss together, and set aside. I don’t like the beans to cook too much at this point, as the veg will be reheated right before serving.
5. In the pan you cooked the vegetables in, quickly lay down your lemon and onion slices. Do not wipe the pan out, you want the veg bits that are in there.
6. Add enough water that the rings of lemon just start to float. Put your salmon on them, it should hold them down and hopefully be mostly out of the water.
7. Cover your salmon, and cook 5 minutes if you like a raw center, 10 minutes if you do not.
8. When the salmon has changed colour, put the fish aside, drain the water out of your pan, and put the veg back in to reheat. Retain one of the lemon slices.
9. Once the veg has picked up some heat, clear a spot in the center of the pan to put your salmon skin side down. This will crisp up the skin.
10. Get your bowls ready with rice while the salmon crisps. I start serving the vegetables at this point too.
11. Once the skin of the salmon is as crispy as you like it, take off the heat and cut into portions. Serve on top of the rice, with the vegetables.
12. Squeeze the lemon slice over the Salmon and vegetables, and Serve!


Tadaa! You now have a delicious Poached Salmon Dinner.

Hope you enjoyed cooking along!

Sean Emerson

Watch below as I demo this recipe!

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