Shrimp and Stewed Greens

Posted by on 21/06/2015

Hello Everyone!

Todays recipe (also available on video before) is shrimp with stewed greens on rice – because I had a lot of greens from my garden today!


I used chopped bacon, Red Pepper, pre cooked peeled shrimp, chopped tomato, onion, garlic, celery, chilli pepper and carrot. The greens are chard and radish leaves with a bit of kale, we also used paprika, butter, pepper, salt, and olive oil.


Cook the bacon starting in a cool pan to render out the fat. Then add the non green veg and stir.

Let it sweat a bit and add olive oil if needed. Add in your pepper, salt, and paprika once it’s soft. Then we add the red pepper, cook a bit, and add the tomato in. Let it stew until there is a lot of juice. Add in a knob of butter, once this has begun to melt we put in the greens stir and put on the lid to steam..


Things break down quickly. I add in more butter, and the shrimps. Stir it up, and they should heat within 30seconds if thawed.

This is ladled over rice as our starch,


and there we go, stewed greens with shrimp, another quick and easy recipe. If you want to video, it’s below.

Hope you enjoyed, good bye!

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