Kimchi and Wakame Soup

Posted by on 25/10/2015

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m going to be making a Kimchi and Wakame soup, inspired by Korea.


4 cups of roasted vegetables,
1 cup of tofu,
1 cup of chopped oyster mushrooms,
1 cup of diced kimchi,
1 cup of chopped Wakame seaweed rehydrating in water,
1 small diced onion,
4 liters of stock.
Fish sauce,
Soy Sauce,
Rice wine vinegar,
chilli paste & powder,
half a lime,
About a cup of random greens that I grew on my balcony.

1. Start by heating some oil. Add the onions, sweat for a few seconds, and then add the kimchi. When everything sweats, put in the roasted vegetables and cook for a few minutes on medium until they break down.

Add in the sauces, seaweed, tofu and mushrooms. Treat them gently, tofu will break down on you.

Next comes 4 liters of stock, Squeeze in the lime, and add the sesame oil.

Finally, Add in your greens, sesame paste, and some sesame seeds plus additional chilli powder if you need a burn. Stir it up and give it about twenty to fourtey minutes to simmer.

Finish by garnishing with toasted sesame seeds.

There you have it! A delicious kimchi and Wakame soup. Serve with sides, we had Rice, Salt pickle, and Kimchi.

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