Braised Pork Belly in a Dutch Oven

Posted by on 01/11/2017

Hello Everybody!!

Today I have another one of my video recipe demos for you, a delicious Chinese inspired Roasted Pork Belly dish made in a crock pot. You can also find a written version below the video.

As always, let me know what you think of the video and the recipe! I’d love to see some pictures of other peoples versions of these at some point.

Braised Pork Belly In a Dutch Oven

Meat & Marinade:
pork belly skin on 0.350kg – 0.400kg
bbq pork .350 – 0.400kg
2 scallions/ green onion
1 hot pepper – Next time I want to add far more.
1 medium onion
1.5-2 inches of ginger
5 cloves of garlic

hot sauce/sriracha — as desired to increase heat level
rice wine vinegar – 1-2 tbsp
soysauce – poured liberally to soak the meat in the marinade.
5 spice – lots! Pretty sure I used at least 3tbsp
chilli powder — 1-2tbsp but you can use way more if you want
szechuan pepper — same as chilli powder, more is better!
Salt and pepper

3 Carrots, chopped into one inch pieces.
1 Onion, quartered, cut further into eigths if your onion is large
handfull of quartered fresh button mushroom,
2-2.5cups of beef stock
10 rehydrated shitake mushrooms, sliced
cup of dry seaweed, rehydrated. I used the thin long type available at most asian markets.
4 small bok choy

You will need a frying pan, one large bowl to marinade and mix everything in, as well as a medium to large crockpot with a lid.


First, finely dice scallions, hot pepper, medium onion, ginger and garlic. Put this into your large bowl.

Either dice or chop the bbq pork. If precooked, I personally like it sliced or diced and will vary between the two.

Depending on cook level and quality, you may wish to sear the bbq pork before putting it in the marinade bowl.

After adding the bbq pork, sprinkle salt and pepper over your marinade bowl- I was quite liberal with both.

Next, slice your pork belly strips into 1 inch cubes. Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper. Sear in a frying pan to start rendering the fat, until they have some colour.

Put the pork belly in the bowl, then put your pan back on the heat and add your rice wine vinegar to deglaze the pan. Pour this into the marinade.

If anything is left in the pan, further deglaze with some soy sauce or even stock!

Pour soy sauce over the bowl – I used between 1/4-1/3 of a cup. You want everything to be able to be coated and moist.

At this point, we add our spices. The total amount that you want to use is really up to your tastes, but more is better. You don’t want to be scared of spices!

I used about 2 tablespoons of chilli powder, and will use more next time. Roughly 2-3 tablespoons of Szechuan pepper, and 2-3 tablespoons of five spice (You can add WAY more of all of these and I encourage it)

If you like spicy, add hot sauce now – as much as you want really, I love spicy and coated the top. Mix everything together with a spoon or your hands, cover, and refrigerate for at least an hour.

The Final Act:

Preheat oven to 350f

The chopped vegetables, ready to be added to the marinade

Chop the Mushrooms, seaweed, carrots, celery, onions and bok choy into one inch pieces. The bok choy can be kept as whole leaves if you bought the small ones.

Mix everything together in the bowl with the marinade, put it in the crock pot.

Add about 2-2.5 cups of stock, or until the liquid level is about two inches under the top of the mixture.

Cover, put in oven for 2 hours. Check every 1/2-1 hour and stir. The vegetables will release a lot of liquid, but you still may need to ensure things on the top get mixed under occaisionally.

Braised pork belly stew after it has been done roasting for two hours

At the two hour point, either serve now as soup with rice, or uncover and put back in the oven if you aren’t in a hurry.

After about an hour uncovered your liquid level will start to drop faster. It took about 1.5 hours in my oven for the liquid to almost run dry, coating everything in a delicous glaze.

You may wish to stop cooking faster, if you prefer a saucier end result.

Serve with rice, tastes great the next day as leftovers too!

Finished braised pork belly stew on rice

There you have it! I hope you take the time to try out this recipe, and enjoy. Don’t forget to check out my other recipes and video demos!

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