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Time for an update! below you’ll find a copy of one of my favourite paintings so far, of a tibetan mandala : It’s been a week from hell for me, found a new allergy so I’ve been covered in hives 🙁 HOpefully will get better soon though.

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I’ve decided to start sharing some paintings and photo’s of mine in addition to updating more often. Below, you can find my painting entitled “space” done with acrylic on canvas a few years ago. Enjoy!

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Enjoy the rice

I contemplated having a Tiffany’s moment, coffee in hand staring past the window into reliable comfort. Then I realized: I am neither elegant enough to pull it off, nor do I have anything to crave that will provide me fulfillment I cannot already obtain. why would I waste my moment of universal calm on a … Continue reading »

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I smell it in the air. Faint tones of moisture with a slight, sweet bitterness. Water, spring, the river a block away- notes of trees budding giving off sweet sap. I even smell a bit of goose shit in there, and the sharpness of a nitrogen fertilizer. This brings me back to times long passed- … Continue reading »

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I like how may paintings have been coming along recently, it actually makes me feel pretty good to look on the wall and see them hanging there. The effects i’ve been getting with new methods are turning out pretty cool too, but it leaves me wondering what else is out there for me to know … Continue reading »

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