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Bonus Dessert Post: Grilled Banana

Ok, so I admit it. I haven’t done as many posts this year as I should.  I’d try to apologize, but I have a better way: have some gluten free grilled bananas for your dessert! Fire up your grill. I’m sorry yours isn’t charcoal, I can’t fix your failings. Slice two bananas. Sprinkle with more … Continue reading »

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Old fashioned sugar candies

Its been a while since I’ve updated on here, sadly haven’t had as much energy as usual and spent a bunch of time painting instead of cooking.  I was motivated to post again as my boyfriend Ryan started up his own blog over on Weetabyt.es focusing on computer networking, linux, video streaming issues etc, basically … Continue reading »

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Fruit Popsicles

This week Calgary has been in a bit of a heat wave, plenty of days of hot sun beating down on us and 30c+ weather. Not a week where I wanted to have my oven on my mind, so I came up with something else to beat the heat. Fruit popsicles! With pieces of fresh … Continue reading »

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