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Aglio Y Olio

It’s been another week of rest for me, things seem to be healing up quickly. Sadly, I do not have very much energy as my body is getting used to synthetic thyroid hormones. I have been told it will return once things are in balance- but until then it is a waiting game. No knowledge … Continue reading »

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Italian style fish stew

This is another dish that I made while we were out in BC. I was looking for something I could use all of the herbs in the cabin’s garden in, while sticking with what was available close by. Vegetables were plenty and same with herbs, but we were short on meat at the cabin so … Continue reading »

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Tomato-meat basil pasta sauce

There is a local Italian market I go to frequently named Soffrito’s, on Canyon Meadow’s drive. I go there frequently, they sell a lot of goods including gluten-free pasta, italian import goods, specialty salts, cheese, sausage, and herbs. Recently, they’ve started offering a wide variety of olive oils and vinegars that they allow you to … Continue reading »

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