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Kimchi and Wakame Soup

Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to be making a Kimchi and Wakame soup, inspired by Korea. Ingredients: 4 cups of roasted vegetables, 1 cup of tofu, 1 cup of chopped oyster mushrooms, 1 cup of diced kimchi, 1 cup of chopped Wakame seaweed rehydrating in water, 1 small diced onion, 4 liters of stock. Fish … Continue reading »

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Lets try that again: Kimchi

I finally found one!!! A Pickling crock, and for cheap too! This baby was waiting for me at B&J Restaurant Equipment Supplies ltd in Calgary, Alberta. It’s on the corner of centre ave street nw and 10thave. They have a really nice collection of anything you would need in the kitchen, at prices much lower … Continue reading »

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Tacos con bistek y guacamole

Hello Everybody! I’ve recently started experimenting with a wider range of flavours in the Kimchi’s that I make, and have come up with a mexican-style chipotle kimchi. It turned out very good, and has been a major ingredient in a few dishes of mine. I changed the flavour of the kimchi by using Chipotle powder … Continue reading »

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Kimchi Soup!

Hello everybody! Now that you’ve had a chance to make my Home made kimchi , here’s a recipe you can use it in! The kimchi that I used in this recipe was a Chipotle version. It was easy to make and change the flavours up, I used Napa Cabbage, dried chipotle powder, onion and garlic … Continue reading »

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Home-made kimchi ( lacto-fermentation at it’s finest)

Hello Everybody! Fermented foods are fun. Seriously. You get to see this thing sit there and bubble away on your counter, and a few days later, it’s food! I used to make sourdough bread, but I havn’t figured out how to do it with gluten free grains yet. (ok ok.. I havn’t gotten around it … Continue reading »

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