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Two quick pastas

Didn’t get very creative this week, however I did manage to get out to the farmers market with my mother and my friend Deb. Was a fun day! Picked up vegetables, local chicken, a toque, and bunch of pickles that I have fermenting. Won’t go over the process a second time as I’ve done them … Continue reading »

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Curry rice and beans

This week went by pretty quickly. I’m still on the low-iodine diet so I haven’t gotten very “out-there” or experimental with the dishes I’ve been making, However, I still managed to throw together some pretty good things. Earlier in the week my Info pack from Thyroid Cancer Canada, including a really detailed food guide for … Continue reading »

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Roadtrip to Reset – escape to B.C.

Sorry for the lateness of my post, this weekend was a break for me. I needed to reset, and get my mind in order as I prepare for radio-isotope therapy. I needed me time, so I told thanksgiving to take a hike and put my blog aside to travel to the cabin on kootenay lake. … Continue reading »

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