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Beef Lentil Chilli – the Recipe

Hello! Here is the recipe for my beef lentil chilli. I figured I should share this for those of you who cook better this way 🙂 If you want to learn by video, check out my previous blog where I demo this recipe : click here for the video demo Beef Lentil Chilli Ingredients 3 … Continue reading »

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Cauliflower chicken curry

I made a curry today, and I made it quickly.  Thats the perk when you keep a cupboard of whole spices, and I took full advantage. Because I did not portion my meat last time I shopped, I had to thaw more chicken than usual. No loss! It was delicious. The players: 12 Boneless skinless … Continue reading »

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Cauliflower Rice – or is it cous-cous?

It’s been a while since I posted last, I missed my update last week ( for shame!). No real excuse this time either… well, unless you count a garden. Being lucky enough to have a friend with an extensive garden that happened to have empty space, we were able to plant loads of vegetables. After … Continue reading »

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Curry rice and beans

This week went by pretty quickly. I’m still on the low-iodine diet so I haven’t gotten very “out-there” or experimental with the dishes I’ve been making, However, I still managed to throw together some pretty good things. Earlier in the week my Info pack from Thyroid Cancer Canada, including a really detailed food guide for … Continue reading »

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Baked Trout and steamed beans

When I was at Co-op shopping the other day I noticed they had some Steelhead trout fillet’s on for pretty cheap, seemed like a great chance to try out another fish dish for you guys! Ingredients: Steel head trout fillet Green beans Rice Onion Garlic Ginger Butter Olive oil Chilli oil Parsley Sesame oil How … Continue reading »

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